Asset Based PI Example Kit – Integrated Mill

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Hey guys,



As the result of a recent effort, I have developed an Asset Based PI Example Kit for the Integrated Mill, showing how the PI System can be used to monitor different pulping and papermaking processes. This kit focuses on the monitoring of main pulping and papermaking processes unit operations, thus not taking into account parallel operations such as black liquor recovery and paper finishing.


The kit consists of a series of AF templates and analyses for a continuous digester, a drum brown-stock washer and a conventional paper machine, as well as a set of accompanying PI Vision displays and a mock-up PI DataLink report. While PI Vision allows users to monitor on real time if and how a mill is (under-)performing regarding daily targets, as well as to verify and follow production excursions (e.g. high Kappa numbers) and downtime (e.g. sheet breaks), the PI DataLink reports provide a simple, automated way to calculate total monthly production and losses and benchmark different unities regarding downtime frequency and duration and performance.


The attached .zip file contains a pdf User Guide explaining how the kit was developed and how to import it to your database, so that everything runs smoothly.


Below you can find a brief introductory video explaining the scope and objectives of this kit:


Introduction to the Asset Based PI Example Kit – Integrated Mill



Note: The creation of this kit aimed to demonstrate the capabilities of PI AF using demo data samples; implementation on real-world operational environments may require further studies and development.



Feel free to contact me at if you run into any problems or questions when using this kit.



NB: Added a note at the end of section 2.4 Setting up data visualization of the User Guide instructing on how to proceed in case of PI WebAPI-related errors due to different regional settings on Internet browsers.