Exercise: Creating Custom Functions with the RTQP Engine

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Object: The goal of this exercise is to practice the creation of a non-template based custom table-valued function for the RTQP Query Engine.



Using the following resource:

As well as these additional resources:


Problem Statement:

Create a custom function that provides the Plant name for any element in the NuGreen AF Database, aside from the root 'NuGreen' element itself (as this does not have any associations with a specific plant).

  • The function should accept an ElementID as input
  • It should output the name of the Plant ('Little Rock' should contain a space).

Explore the NuGreen database to see what you may be able to query against to always return the name of the plant.


Once it's created, test your function, either as a table-valued function, a function table, or both, by passing it all elements in NuGreen (aside from the root 'NuGreen' element itself). The output should appear such as this:


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When you are ready, compare your answers with the Solution: Creating Custom Functions with the RTQP Engine