AF a lot of inquiries to PIFD

Document created by chprzemo on Jan 24, 2019
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Dear Support,



I have problem with AF, few days ago i asked in Pi Square about DigitalState, after install patch this issue did not appear. Next day after installation patch we noticed too much request to PIFD SQL from AF.  I decided do restore machine from backup from day before instalation patch, unfortunetly AF still send more request to PIFD.


In attachment i send you picture where you can see  how many queries were sent from AF to PIFD.


My colleague checked what queries AF send, this is this queries:


SELECT TOP 1 @RID = [rid] FROM [dbo].[FindChanges_AT_Op] ORDER BY [rid] ASC


The problem is serious becaouse this action AF  disrupts another databases in SQL serwer


Please help me how i can resolve this issue, we musted  disabled this maschine and we waiting for your help.