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Are you using your data critical enterprise asset effectively?  What about using dat value creation Templates?

Are you using layered analytics strategy?

Are integrating Business Processes? 

What about integrating Scheduling with Operations (So we can have all about Actuals versus Production Scheduling)?

Are you measuring your hidden losses in production and consumables?

What About calculating your Overall Production Effectiveness?

Have you implemented the follow the money strategy?

Are you teaching your computers to do the linear work?

Are you using a Cookie cutter Approach to accelerate your Digital Transformation Effectiveness

Are using IIOT To get more sensor data, weather data, customer data, machine data, etc...


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Digital Transformation simply means adapting an organization's strategy and structure to capture opportunities enabled by digital technology.


Computers and communications are faster than ever.

They can fit in your hand or on your wrist.

Sensors embedded in devices and interfaces permit the real time data to flow enabling even more informed decisions and machine driven recommendations.


We share a few strategies to transform unstructured real time data into operational insights and inFORMAtion.

The inFORMAtion is used by people and systems using the latest visualization, analysis and predictive analytics tools.


In the Digital Plant Vision link, we have a few suggestions to accelerate the adoption of VALUE Creation Templates to get the data into people and systems ready to be Acted on.


Digital Layered Analytics Data Value Creation Templates


Data Value Creation Unit using Templates (Business Processes Integration = Actuals versus Planned Production)).


Digital Process Unit Template (Cookie Cutter for Real Time Data)

Digital Process Unit Template (Cookie Cutter for Real time Data)


Actuals versus Planned Production

Actuals versus Scheduled Production


Process Units Operational Insights alerts and logs for Running OK, Trouble (missing targets), Idle, Downtime (Unscheduled Downtime) and Maintenance.

Automatic discovery of Hidden Losses


Automatic Discovery of Production and Consumables Losses and evaluation in Real Time.

PowerBI Visualization and Analysis Dashboards Templates

PowerBI Templates for Visualization of Production and Consumables Losses.

MS Cortana answering data questions

PowerBI Cortana answering Questions about the operational results for the whole year.


MS Studio ML creating predictive analytics models to run in PI Analytics

Microsoft ML Studio using the Running OK Data to generate Predictive Analytics Models that run in PI Analytics,

Correlation is enough

With all the data available models con be created.  Source: (Columbia University)


The key is to use a layered approach as suggested initially.

Neural Networks are a combination Multivariable Linear Networks and Logistics Function (Classifiers)



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