My Exercise 3

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This is the step by step of my exercise:

Default value


Folder Create


Update Parameter

Pi Stoping



Pi Stoped


Pi Starter

seted parameter and observing the Queues Files


What is the purpose of this tuning parameter?

R: the purpose is create and save in a known address, one event file for the help to depurate errors.


What are the defaults?

R: C:\Program Files\Pi\dat\


Under what conditions do you think you would have to alter the values?

R: In general, is a best practice to change this parameter and to assign another disk to save this file.

Other reason is, if we haven't a disk "c:\" with a lot free space.


What considerations would you have in resetting this?

R:  - In a situation of disaster recovery.
- A new install.
- In a procedure of rescue.