Exercise 2

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Change the appropriate tuning parameter for Auto Archiving to move auto-generated archive files to the E: drive. 


  • Auto_AutoArchiceFileRoot changed to E Drive

Here is the screenshot


Image 1



Force an archive shift to create a new primary archive in the new directory on the E: drive. Finally, move your other existing archives to the same location and be sure to register them with the PI Data Archive.


After performing all the operations mentioned above, a new primary archive is created on the E drive and all other archives have been moved to E drive as well.

Here is the screenshot


Image 2



ArcMaxCollect and Archive_MaxQueryExecutionSec


What is the purpose of these tuning parameters?

  •  ArcMaxCollect - Maximum number of compressed events that can be retrieved by a single query.             This number does not affect interpolated event retrieval or archive summary calls. Value units are in events. Parameter takes effect at startup only.
  • Archive_MaxQueryExecutionSec - Sets the maximum time an archive query will execute before timing out. A value of 0 has no timeout. Value units are in seconds. Parameter takes effect once a minute.

 What are the defaults?

  • ArcMaxCollect  - default is 260 secs
  • Archive_MaxQueryExecutionSec - default is 1,500,000 events 

What conditions do you think you would have to alter the values?

  • Tuning parameters are usually altered if there is a complex query that requires more time to execute
  • Tuning parameters are also altered to increase performance

What considerations would you have in resetting this?

  • Improve system performance for all users


I am also attaching a word document in case my screenshots don't get displayed.

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