Asset Based PI Example Kit - Utility Saving in a Biscuit Factory

Document created by rcamara on Dec 27, 2019
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Hi, members of PI Square!


In the past few months, I have developed an Asset Based PI Example Kit - Utility Saving in a Biscuit Factory, showing how the PI System can be used to monitor energy and water consumption in a Food and Beverage industry. Even though this kit uses the biscuit factory as an example, the idea of utility saving is beyond this industry.


The AF kit has element templates and analyses for seven assets (silo, mixer, cutter, oven, packer, pump, and compressor) considering the production line has at least one of each equipment. Besides, to provide a better visual condition, I have built this Example Kit with PI Vision displays, monitoring the plant in real-time; PI Datalink report, which is possible to observe analytic data granted by event-frames; and a Power BI spreadsheet, analyzing the data that was gathered with PI Integrator for Business Analytics.


Inside the main .zip file ("Utility Saving in a Biscuit"), you will find all the files required to execute this kit, including the User Guide which explains how to import it to your database and how to prepare it to work with your own PI System. Furthermore, due to the size of MS Power BI file, it was divided into 6 .zip files, named "MS Power BI Example"; to reunite them, you just need to select all and unzip.


Lastly, you can find a short Introduction Video explaining the scope and objectives of this kit.

Note: The creation of this kit aimed to demonstrate the capabilities of PI AF using demo data samples; implementation in real-world operational environments may require further studies and development.