Knowledge Check: Diagramming Your Existing PI System

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Draw a diagram of your company's existing PI System (if any) and network structure. You may want to interview your PI System administrator to discover its layout.


Diagram of my company



What domain(s) exist within your organization?

1-Domain or administrative network segments.
2-Network segment for the control network, it does not have a domain controller.

Do you have multiple sites, vendors or customers you need to connect with external or any geographic boundaries?

Due to the geographical distribution of the company's operations, there are three (3) different geographical locations in which
you need to view the information handled by the PI System.

Does your organization have any existing PI System components? Are they configured for High Availability?

-One (1) DATA ARCHIVES server.
-Four (4) PI INTERFACE NODE, They have FAILOVER configuration.

Who uses the PI System?

Users of the production process area in the control network.
Users of estimates, planning and decision making in the administrative network.

What do they do with the data?

Visualization of trends, calculations of production and energy consumption, visualization of control and maintenance parameters.

Where should they be retrieving data from?

The recovered data comes from the collecting nodes located in the plant's control network.