MIT Sustainability Working Group gets it right for a Smart Campus/Living Lab.

Blog Post created by jmatranga on Jan 6, 2016

I wanted to quickly share a nice report from MIT from their sustainability working group -


It is quite short and a quick read, well worth the time to read and then to go back and study each set of words and the impact they share.


Some areas l like about this report lie in “Shared Principles” and the “Conditions for Success” sections.  What makes this interesting for me is that given the complex subject of “Sustainability” they distilled the key drivers and issues down to some clear points to guide actions in these two sections.


They continue this clear cutting view into the “Recommendations” section.  In the recommendations section, they picked areas that were specific to MIT to work on.  This provides a context and motivation to MIT that help make MIT a living lab to take action. Finally if you look at the appendix you will find a wide cross section of the interested people who helped form the ideas. These include both operations staff and academic staff working side by side to solve these issues. 


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