Microsoft and UC Davis use PI System and R for Energy Disaggregation of a single meter.

Blog Post created by jmatranga on Jan 20, 2016

UC Davis wanted to look at additional information to be harvested from a single utility meter by breaking down the load measured by the meter into the component loads under the meter. In doing this UC Davis could avoid sub meters and retrofits to get increased 'visibility below the meter'.   The project proved quite valuable, even during debug phase,UC Davis group found a failing sump pump.  Left undetected, this would have resulted in an emergency repair of an expensive unit with some possible safety issues for flooding during the next rainfall.


In case you missed the "Maximize the Value of Each Existing Utility Meter" at the OSIosft User Conference talk in 2015 given by UC Davis - you can see it here:

2015 - Users Conference - San Francisco - Facilities, Energy and Water


so why blog this out now?


There is an ongoing conversation that has continued around this project.

The conversation now includes this blog post from Microsoft - check it here:


I have had other universities interested in disaggregation of other high resolution data or the use of R for other analytic. 

If you find this interesting, you might find this blog by Microsoft interesting.

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