NI & OSIsoft:  Where Product Manufacturers' Test and Production Data Converge

Blog Post created by jorourke on Jun 8, 2017

I recently attended the annual National Instruments customer conference, commonly known as NI Week.  NI is a leading edge provider of control and instrumentation systems in the areas of test and measurement, wireless (5G), smart grid, satellites, and other areas.  During the NI Week conference, OSIsoft had a speaking slot explaining the benefits of linking product manufacturing test information with product performance once it is deployed into production.  This is
done with the recently released LabVIEW - PI Connectivity toolkit, which allows data to be placed into the PI System from LabVIEW and into LabVIEW from PI.


There were two (2) companies that presented their experience in this area, National Oilwell Varco (NOV), and RoviSys Corporation.  Unfortunately, the presentations were not recorded, but here are the key takeaways:

NOV builds a blowout preventer for offshore oil rigs.  During the manufacturing and test quality process, they capture test data through LabVIEW and subsequently send batches of the test data to the PI System, so that once the blowout
preventer is put into production, NOV personnel can compare its performance in the field to how it behaved during the test phase.  I suppose it could also identify potential problems ahead and notify when it appears to either malfunction or when pressure is abnormally high.


RoviSys gave a similar presentation in which it provided the LabVIEW and PI System integration expertise for LG Corporation, who is manufacturing a 1MW fuel cell to be used for datacenter power where these centers are located in remote locations, such as deserts.  RoviSys was similarly able to meld the LabVIEW manufacturing test phase data with the production data in a common repository, the PI System.


Perhaps there may be academic use cases using this approach.  Please comment.  I'd be interested.

Thank you.