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The Academic Symposium at PI World 2018 is the largest and most diverse Academic Community event that OSIsoft has hosted to date. In all, we had around 220 attendees, of which ~25% were from academia and ~75% represented our industrial customers. We hosted an AM Industry Innovation session and a PM Workforce Development session. The day included several podium presentations, panel discussions, a workshop, and a networking dinner.


Presentation recordings are now available on the OSIsoft website. Just click the preview images below to stream the videos.


To all who attended, thank you for spending the day with us! Your engagement and participation made this event a success.


AM Session: Industry Innovation


1. Welcome and Overview of Day

John Matranga, OSIsoft


2. Utopus Insights Journey: An innovative company launched from Vermont Electric Power Company

Kerrick Johnson, Utopus Insights


3. Partnering with Academia to Develop Advanced Analytics Platform To Accelerate US Manufacturing Competitiveness

Scott Miller, Texas A&M University


4. The Journey from a Classroom Idea to Commercialization of an Energy Management Company

Mike Broeker, Building Ideas Group; Mike Mihuc, OSIsoft


5. Lightning Round Talks: OSIsoft Call for Collaboration – 1st Year Innovation Showcase

Ashkan Negahban, Penn State; Denis Grancanin, Virginia Tech; Frank Lee, UC Davis


6. Panel Discussion: Student Engagement with Real-World Data

George Paterson, University of Iowa; Pratt Rogers, University of Utah; Steve Moore, Del Mar College; Leo Vitor, Radix; Erica Trump, OSIsoft



PM Session: Industry Innovation


7. Welcome from OSIsoft VP of HR

Dawn Sprague, OSIsoft



8. Keynote from Academia: Revamping Student Education with Real-World Data

Brian Davison, Lehigh University



9. Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Student Education - UC Davis PI Systems for Learning & Research

Kiernan Salmon, UC Davis; Jill Brigham, UC Davis



10. OSIsoft Cloud Offering: Transforming Student Education with the Academic Community Service

Zhiyuan Cheng, Industrial Learning Solutions; Erik Ydstie, Carnegie Mellon University; Erica Trump, OSIsoft



11. Student Education – Keeping Pace with Industry Trends: TransCanada Sees a Need for New Skills

Emily Rawlings, TransCanada; Keary Rogers, TransCanada