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2018 PI World Barcelona Recap

Posted by imudron Employee Oct 24, 2018

Academic Symposium (Monday, 13 – 17:00, 24 September) 

Welcome & Wrap-up summary speech and 6 presentations at

  1. Welcome and Overview of the Day (Nicolas Peels & Ivan Mudron)

         Welcome and Overview of the Day.png

     2. SIRIUS: Collaboration across the digital divides in the oil and gas supply chain (David Cameron)


       3. A successful study case of collaboration through PI system: University of Granada and Abbott Lab (Jose Miguel Gutierrez Guerrero)          


          4. OSIsoft Cloud Offering : Transforming Student Education with the Academic Hub Service (Erica Trump)


          5. Intelligent Buildings Remote Monitoring Using PI System at the VSB - TU of Ostrava Campus (Jan Vanus)


          6. Using the PI System in Chemical Engineering Education and Research (Nenad Bolf & Zeljka Ujevic Andrijic)



          7. Smart Industrial Concept! - Design and Operational Optimization (Rene Hofmann) 


          8. Wrap-up summary speech of Customer Innovation & Academia Director (John Matranga) 



Innovation and IoT Conference track presentation:

Title: Exploring the Future of Digital Twins with OSIsoft and SIRIUS (Evgeny Kharlamov – University of Oxford, Brandon Perry – OSIsoft, David Cameron – Unioversity of Oslo)

The ongoing population explosion of users and data is making all of us re-think how people, applications, and data come together.
One approach is Digital Twins: virtual representations of physical assets, sophisticated enough to drive complex analytics and simulations without expensive custom integration.
The promise of Digital Twins drives us at OSIsoft to address some vast prerequisite challenges: contextualizing the data, personalizing the system, enabling collaboration, and integrating seamlessly with deep learning and artificial intelligence.
OSIsoft Research is working in collaboration with SIRIUS, a research consortium for scalable data access in the Oil & Gas domain.



Industrial IT track

Title: Improving Situational Awareness for Utilities Operators and Energy Managers (Mary-Ann Ibeziako – University of Maryland College park)

The University of Maryland partnered with NIST National Cybersecurity Center for Excellence and OsiSoft PI as a beta test site by providing the Campus Co-generation,
Substation and 6,300 ton chiller plant as the real data source for the Situational Awareness Project and Energy Sector Asset Management Project.
The project was a demonstration on how to secure utility network infrastructure



Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Transportation

Title: Real Time Optimization of Gasoil Consumption for Railway Transportation (Ernesto Bedrina Ramirez – Grupo Ceteck, Pablo Martinez Fernandez – Polytechnic University of Valencia)

Real time optimization of gas & oil consumption for railway transportation with genetics algorithms.
The main goal of the project is to reach the best time/gasoil consumption rate maintaining the scheduled time stops



Analytics Track

Title: Introduction to Time-Series Analysis with PI System Data (Brian Davison - Lehigh University)

Fundamental understanding of time-based data and how to extract insights from it. With some real-world examples we will demonstrate some simple analytics using time-based data in R.
A focus will be on underlying assumptions behind time series, and how to sample and generate statistics and predictive models on such data.





30+ new contacts (Media, Existing universities, Customers, New universities - most of them from host country #Spain)
Main upcoming trend: Customers are wiling to know more about the program and some are pushing us to collaboration with universities (Johnson&Johnson, Lonza, Umicore)


Academia Interaction Dinner

- building community

- building trust
-have discussed data sharing problems (confidentiality), issues at the campus management level, and other problems