Default PI tag security

Idea created by André Åsheim Champion on Dec 19, 2014

    Would be nice to be able to specify the default PI tag security.


    Today the tag security (both Point and Data access) is copied from the PIPOINT database when a new tag is created (and no security is specified).


    All PI users need read access to PIPOINT database to be able to list tags, but in some cases we don't want everyone to read all PI tags.

    It would be great if we could specify what default security that should be used independent of the configuration in the PIPOINT database.

    For example when you create new tags and you have allowed "PI buffer" to write in PIPOINT, this is to much access for the buffer since it only needs to write data (it don't even need to read the PI Point to be able to write data to it).

    Another example could be that you have "contributors" that want's to annotate or write manual data, they should not have access to edit the PI Point but they should have access to write data.


    My opinion is that you should at least be able to specify default security on both point access and data access.