Support of "other" protocols for communication with the PI server

Idea created by wpurrer on Dec 30, 2014

    Hello Everyone


    we are currently investigating some time in connecting data and systems together.

    Currently most of our dcs system are connected via an interface to the PI - Server.


    Are there any thoughts for providing access through open protocols like MQTT (MQTT)to attach an interface (instead of the properitary pi protocol)


    the benefits would/could be:

    - is an open protocol, so it makes it easier to connect other systems without the use of an interface to the PI Server

    - supports routing and broker service - An Open Source MQTT v3.1 Broker (so you can for example create on a remote location a "brocker service" we collects all the data and then forwards this through other broker services or directly to the PI System)

    - supports Quality of Service and Persistency for the data transport. (Osisoft has the 3rd ? buffer system now, but besides just rebuilding the core - the principals never changed...)

    - support "rules" where you could really have more control on the dataflow (spanning, multi stage buffering, distributing with different compressions,..... ) and much more.

    - supports encryption,...


    Whats your opinion on this ?