Gauge for ProcessBook?

Idea created by Bob@mwv on Jan 7, 2015

    The attached .PDI is a cool gauge for ProcessBook that uses a VB Script to manipulate the Needle angle.


    Couple of Key items...


    It uses the tag assigned to the Dynamic display for the number as input to the angle of the needle

    Change the tag - and it will use that value to calculate the Needle angle.

    I'm using Sinusoid for the example.

    The range is set in the VB Program script:

    The zero and span is defined in the code.  It could come from the tag database - but I didn't take the time to write it in:

    Start and End angle of the needle is defined in the code as well.

    Inline image 1



    The Gauge background is just a JPEG.

    Change the background of the PB to make the white blend in with the display.


    The Needle has to be centered for the angle calculation to work.

    Group everything to size and or copy / paste as a unit.