Add some new "mining/mineral processing centric" units of measure classes and units

Idea created by gavin.strack Champion on Apr 21, 2015



    I've been playing with AF and could not find the following UOMs in the vanilla install.  These are essential UOMs for mining and mineral processing operations.


    Mass Flow Rate Class

    • tonne per hour (t/h) : 1 t/h = 3.6 kg/s.   This unit is probably the most common mass flow unit used for bulk materials handling, crushers, mills and processing feeds


    Sound (new UOM Class)

    • decibels (dB) : canonical unit.    We use sound in grinding mill applications.  Accoustic sensors are typically mounted in an array around the circumference of the drum to create a sound profile.  We use this array to measure the sound amplitude and the angular position of the loudest sound, as an inferrred indication of the slurry toe position.  Too fast = slurry/grinding media hitting the liners = poor grinding efficiency and increased liner wear rates.


    Moment (new UOM Class)

    • Newton Metres (Nm) : canonical unit.   We use this measurement (force x distance) to control the rake arm torque in thickeners.  The torque measurement is typically used as one of the inputs into a constraint-control scheme to control the rake height.


    Currency (new UOM Class)

    • Australian Dollars (AUD$).  canonical unit.   May even be better to set up as USD$ as the canonical unit and the local currency can then added as a custom UOM - doesn't really matter.   We want to bring in financial data from our ERP system and use this with our processing data to calculate operating cost in near real-time.  Cost is a critical KPI for most opertions.  Being able to trend costs in real time based on some PI Analytics calculation would be extremely helpful.


    Any chance we can get these added to the standard install?