PI for StartUps

Idea created by Paurav Joshi Champion on Jun 24, 2015

    Hello Folks,


    This is just my idea. You may like it and if not, then please ignore this .


    Every company becomes big from phase of start-up only. At the early stage of start-up, the value proposition is thing that matters most. If a company attached to start-up from the early stage, then in future when the start-up will become behemoth, both the start-up and attached company will be benifitted from value proposition.

    I think OSIsoft is missing in this stage becasue of its licensing fees, which are quite high, from my point of view. What I can think of the other way round is that OSIsoft can create lighter version of PI System and create appropriate licensing structure, so that every start-up will think of PI System as their first option to goto when they think of database for it.


    As I said previously, if you don't like it then also thanks for reading .



    Paurav Joshi