Attribute, Formula and Analysis Cross reference

Idea created by p.clemme on Sep 21, 2016

    When working with Attributes in both elements and templates I would really like to be able to see where an attribute is used.


    If I want to rename or move the attribute I would like to know whether is used by formula or an analysis.

    E.g. Attribute A is used by Analysis 1 and Analysis 2 and Formula 1. When using drillup on the Attribute I would see Analysis 1, Analysis 2 and Formual1 (maybe also notifications).


    I also have formulas using other formulas. When looking at a formula I would really like to see the PIPoints that a formula points and in the end, e.g.

    Formula 1 uses PiPointA and Formula 2.

    Formula 2 uses PIPointB and Formula 3.

    Formula 3 uses PiPointC and PiPoint D.

    When using cross reference drilldown on Formula1 I would see PiPoint A, B, C and D, (plus perhaps the other formulas).