Improved Navigation Buttons PB / Coresight

Idea created by mlath2 on Dec 2, 2016

    I would like to see the Standard Navigation Button modified or a more intelligent button object created.

    1/ Make Buttons Multistate - This enables buttons to be used like traffic lights and clickable to navigate to another page, at present a multistate item is required with a button next to it., or a hidden button on top of the multistate object.

    2/ Button URL from AF String - Allow Dynamic URL by having it stored in AF String, Easier to maintain URL Links in PDI / Coresight Displays, also allows different pages to be displayed by afsdk or pse modifying links to pages of interest

    3/ Allow URL Creation from string builder to automatically build URL  ie http://server/display/%element%/page.pdi

    4/ Allow dynamic URL Creation from a Template, drag and drop a template from AFExplorer and URL modified according to element name