Variable Analytics output timestamp: reference to formula (or to timestamp-attribute result of another analytic)

Idea created by dfarris on Mar 13, 2017

    The "relative to trigger time" field shouldn't be only a reference to absolute time difference or absolute time stamps (e.g. *-5s, *+60m, 12/1/2016 00:00:00, etc.), but also references to calculated timestamps (e.g. prevevent('attribute1','*'), timetamp('attribute1')) either referencing an already existing AF Attribute that hosts this calculation or directly writing the expression in the "relative to trigger time" field.

    More flexibility in EF creation would allow users to

    - better tuning the root child cause event

    - considering creating events only if some condition is met at the end of the event (e.g. if average of the whole event is above 40, actually create the event), saving some space in SQL and possibly improving performance

    - generally allow fine conditional tracking of events, which is something that is currently limited


    It would be great if EFGen could also provide support for such feature.