Event Frames & Notifications

Idea created by mbailey on Jan 2, 2019
    Originally posted on UserVoice

    Event frames are pretty powerful and mark the start and end of events. We use Event Frames to mark when we are in and out of compliance in regards to certain regulations. We would like the capability to create Notifications that triggers every X amount of days that sends the start and end times for a specified event frame for a designated date range.
    Example - Email triggered every 90 days.
    SUBJECT - $Event Framework Name$
    Dear Compliance,
    The following dates were when the PI system marked events and we were out of compliance.
    Event Frame Name: Transformer over the Limit
    In the last 90 Days the Transformer was over the limit on the following days:
    Start Time, End Time,
    12/2/2018 3:45 AM  - 12/2/2018 4:45 AM
    12/24/2018 4:45 PM - 12/25/2018 10:00 PM
    1/1/2019 4:34 PM - 1/1/2019 8:00PM