Limit the load of the PIRecalculationprocessor when backfilling

Idea created by Martin Smeenge on Feb 22, 2019
    Originally posted on UserVoice

    We had a few issues with key-users creating inefficient AF Analysis and starting a backfill over a longer time period.
    This resulted in a CPU load of 100% (caused by the PIRecalculationprocessor).
    The whole PI System got not responsive incl. PI System Explorer so unable to see anything.
    Killing the PIRecalculationprocessor.exe process didn't work because a new process (with new PID) was running in a split second. Also setting process priority to Low didn’t make any difference.

    Need a way to limit the time period user can use to start backfill and / or limit the load of the PIRecalculationprocessor during backfilling