Make message logs easier to export in bulk

Idea created by kcaputo Employee on Mar 1, 2019
    Originally posted on UserVoice

    Tech support often asks customers for message logs in bulk. The PISDKUtility and SMT are not good for this because they run out of memory if you try to load too many messages. The only way to export the logs is to use the command line pigetmsg utility and pipe the output to a text file, but PI users who haven't used it before often run into syntax errors when using it. It usually requires a step-by-step explanation, which also requires a caveat that pigetmsg.exe is in a different folder if the machine is a PI Server (%piserver%adm vs. %pihome64%adm).

    It would be nice if, for example, the AboutPI-SDK utility allowed you to easily export and zip X days of logs with a user friendly GUI.