The PI Vision Admin site PI Vision Database configuration page UI should be altered to avoid misleading the user.

Idea created by ariveron Employee on May 31, 2019
    Originally posted on UserVoice

    When on the PI Vision Admin site's Configuration > PI Vision Database page, the user is presented with either a green check-mark representing a successful connection to the SQL Server and Database by the user, or a red x representing no connection. In order for the connection to work from a client machine, Kerberos delegation should be set up between the PI Vision Admin site and the SQL Server.

    However, this can be misleading, if the user doesn't need access to the SQL Server, and their SQL Administrator configured the SQL database ahead of time with a GO.bat script. When user comes to the admin page to add the SQL Server and database, since either kerberos delegation is not set up or the don't have access to SQL, they are presented with a red x and an error. It is easy for the user to assume that configuration was not successful, even if it was.

    I propose being more explicit through the UI as to what the messages and labels in the PI Vision database configuration page mean so as not to confuse the user.