Uninstall only the installed files & folders

Idea created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Jun 3, 2019
    Originally posted on UserVoice

    It is standard for uninstallations to follow a procedure similar to this: Remove all files that were added during the installation. Then remove all folders that were added during the installation if they are currently empty.

    The PI Connector for UFL does not follow this procedure. My folder of INI files was in the PI Connector for UFL installation folder. Then I uninstalled the PI Connector for UFL and lost my INI file folder. Luckily, I was able to recover it.

    Please change the PI Connector for UFL install kit and any other install kits that behave this way to uninstall only the files and folders that they added and not delete any files and folders that the user might have added to these folders.