Organisation of Asset Framework Analysis Templates

Idea created by andrew_Inwood on Jun 30, 2019

    I frequently use Analysis Templates for various calculations.  I find them very powerful, but I would like to be able to add in some meta data to provide a bit more clarity as to what the purpose of the analysis is, along with the variables and 'flow' of the calculations. 

    I propose adding two things to an Analysis Template.

    1.) A "Description" field. 

    For Expression analyses, have another field between "Name" and "Expression" (or after "Expression" that allows for the user to write a Description of the purpose of the variable.  This allows for brevity in variable names, but allows others to understand the purpose of the variable.

    Eg:  Currently I might have:

    Name                       Expression

    Weir_Height             'Weir Height - Calculated'


    This could be replaced with:

    Name                       Expression                                 Description

    Hw                           'Weir Height - Calculated'            The height of the vessel weir in mm.


    2.) Allow Sections (or categories) in the Analysis Template

    These would be similar to the "Categories" in the Attribute Templates, but allow the user to group parts of the analysis into different sections.  Eg:


    SECTION:  Two-Phase area calculation



    In much the same way as good commenting is critical for well-written development code, the ability to add comments and organize variables is critical to Analysis Templates.