PI Vision Display Referencing by DisplayName or alternate

Idea created by CameronLee Champion on Sep 9, 2019



    When managing PI Vision displays, either for:

    • embedding in other content
    • staging between dev / test / prod environments
    • updating and retiring old content
    • migrating between PI Vision servers (eg standing up new servers on upgrade),eg upgrade by standing up new servers.


    it is cumbersome to mange the referencing of displays.  Currently this is partially solved (for Process Book displays only), by using PBDisplayName in the URL, eg:




    Obviously this was easy to implement as it relied on the file system on the PI Vision server to manage uniqueness of names.


    You are currently forced (for native displays) to have the Display ID:




    Some examples could be:

     * some sort of GUID (that is transferable across Vision instances)

     * an alternate display name that is unique, but is transferable