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Make Analysis trigger on different inputs when timestamps of input tags are equal

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Originally posted on UserVoice

If an Analysis is triggered on "Any Input", and the inputs have the same timestamp but come in after each other, the Analysis is only triggered at the first input.

For example: We have a simple Analysis which summarizes 2 tag.
The first tag comes in a 14:00, with timestamp 14:00. This triggers the calculation. The second tag comes in at 14:02 also with timestamp 14:00. Now the calculation in not triggered anymore.

We've also discussed this with Techsupport, and they came with the following statement: "With Event Triggered, the first value to come into the PI DA is used by the Analysis Service. Other events with the same timestamp are ignored."
We would expect that the Analysis would be triggered again if the timestamp is greater or equal to the last incoming event.


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