Add an option to receive real-time data in client during buffer recovery

Idea created by rthomassen Employee on Aug 8, 2017

    Originally posted on UserVoice
    Add an option to receive real-time data in the client during recovery of buffered data:

    The default behaviour of our interfaces / buffering is that after a connection failure the buffer will be flushed and data will be sent in it’s original order (which is correct behaviour). During that time, there is no view on the realtime (snapshot) data for end users.

    Customer is asking for an option to not have to wait for the ‘new’ snapshot data. 

    It is clear that this would produce many OOO events, which will influence PI Data Archive performance and most probably will influence any analytic/report/visualization on top of those tags.

    Perhaps there can be a way to have a parallel dataflow to the visualization layer, showing 'new' data whilst buffered data flows through the Data Archive processes in the background?