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Create a Flag for AFGetTrace to Show Calculation Steps for Analysis Data References

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Originally posted on UserVoice
Currently, the only why to troubleshoot the analysis service is to set the trace levels through the various config files.  This only works when the analytic engine is being used.  In other words, this only works if the analysis is historizing values or writing to PI Tags.

Analysis Data References are handled by the client and uses the AF SDK to get values from the PI Server and make calculations.   Therefore, an AF SDK Trace is needed to troubleshoot analysis data referenced attributes.

However, the AF SDK Trace only shows the function calls to PI.NET and does not show calculation steps.

Have a flag for AFGetTrace that allows you to get the same level of detail as the Analysis Debug Logs

Use Case:
It would be helpful to see the raw inputs and outputs of an analysis data reference calculation.

It would also be helpful to see performance stats about each step of the calculation to find the potential bottlenecks