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Better Trace functionality

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Originally posted on UserVoice

More advanced Trend/Trace options are required given that is one of the core functions of this application.
Absolutely Required:
Same Trace functionality should be available when you double click a trace and "drill-in".  Currently you lose the ability to change anything meaningful such as the time base, and cannot add any more traces to the display.
Should be able to add at least 2 hairlines and then be able to do calculations between the 2 hairlines, such as AVG, Time Weighted AVG etc.
The Trace scale should become active when a particular Trace is selected in a multi trace display.  Currently, you have to move the Trace to position 1 in the trace list for the trace to be reflected on the x axis.
Chart styles, ie bar, fill charts,  Currently only a Trace line.

Nice To Haves:
Annotations on Traces.
Line of Best fit, similar to Excel "Trend"