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Introduce new features in PI-ProcessBook

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Originally posted on UserVoice
1. Permanently set the custom output columns for ‘Tag Search’. For instance, I can add ‘Zero’ and ‘Span’ columns in the Tag Search window. However, when I close and reopen PI-ProcessBook, this setting reverts to the original configuration (Server, Tag & Descriptor).

2.Permanently set Trend Cursors. For instance, I can add one or more Trend cursors to a plot in Run mode. However, these disappear as soon as some modifications are done in Build mode or PI-ProcessBook is re-opened? Is there any solution or workaround?
•         This will be of great help when there are some trends (with Trend cursors) being analyzed and additional tags need to be added to the same plot.  With the current scenario, tags can be added only in Build mode which will remove all Trend cursors on the existing Plot; the user will have to repeat the process (of adding trend cursors) again.

3.Set the third option ‘ProcessBook display (.pdi) File’ as default when ‘File->New’ is selected. At the moment, default option is set to the second option ‘ProcessBook entry’.

4.Display the ‘Descriptor’ at the right of the Trend together with Tagname & Units. At the moment, the descriptor is always displayed at the bottom of the Trend. The user has to switch his view back and forth to identify the descriptor for each trace that’s displayed on the Trend.

5.Set the ‘Trace Format’ for Pen 13 & upwards up to the max. count of 50. Currently, in ‘Define Trend’ dialog box, only 12 Pens can be customized. Trace #13 format will be same as Pen 1, Trace #14 same as Pen 2 and so on. The cycle repeats in Sets of 12  until it reaches a max. of 50 traces.

6. Incorporate a 'Step' switch feature for Analog plots so that the trace can be either seen in a 'stepped' fashion or as a continuous plot. At the moment, the 'Step' switch can only be enabled by Administrator.