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Simple, readable, user-friendly names for all downloadable files

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Originally posted on UserVoice
OSIsoft's downloadable files are inconsistently named; use hyphens (-), underscores (_), and concatenations instead of spaces; and sometimes contain unnecessary abbreviations.

For users who keep their OSIsoft files in the same folder, this means either grouping files into subfolders that have readable names or renaming the individual files if they want to identify their files by readable names.

Please consider using straightforward, intuitive names for OSIsoft's files.

Some examples (top is the current name, bottom is the proposed name):

PI Connector for UFL

PI Interface for RDBMS (x64)

PI DataLink 2017.exe

PI DataLink 2017 User Guide (English).pdf

PI Vision 2017.exe

PI System Management Tools 2017.exe
Machine Signature File Generator (Windows).zip