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PI Analysis: Auto-backfill should not skip analyses - ones that hasn't had an new value in a while (72+hrs)

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Originally posted on UserVoice
Whenever the PI Analysis Service is restarted, the auto-backfill feature (if enabled) kicks in, and backfills any gaps from the downtime.

However, the analysis service will not auto-backfill analyses that haven't been updated in the last 72 hours. This leads to a potential risk that any analysis that doesn't write data more frequently than every 72 hours, will potentially not auto-backfill upon a restart of the PI Analysis Service.

Although the value of "MaximumAllowedAutoBackfillingSpanInHours" can be changed, this is not a suitable solution.

Such analyses (that were not auto-backfilled) can still be backfilled manually, but this presents a manageability problem.

Instead of AF deciding to not backfill in such cases, it should go ahead and run through the analysis for the last 72 hours regardless, or at least have an option to do so.