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PI BES Interface (i.e. PI EMDVB): aliasing of Unit Names

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Originally posted on UserVoice
Currently the interface creates PI UnitBatches or Event Frames associated to Units (PI Units or AF Elements) determined by some placeholders specified at the "Unit Procedure" level; the default is "[AREA]\[PROCESSCELL]\[UNIT]".
Moreover the interface properly created a PI MDB or AF structure under an alternate module path, specified in "Batch Setup" section (/SMP parameter).

It would be useful to have a way to specify different Units instead of the one determined by the [UNIT] placeholder (at least).
As an example, suppose we want to register unit batches for a PI Unit called Reactor1" when the [UNIT] placeholder values "U6-K54100", and unit batches for a PI Unit called "Reactor2" when the [UNIT] placeholder values "U6-K54200".