Remote PI ICU

Idea created by MAl on Oct 2, 2017
    Originally posted on UserVoice

    Regardless of where interface info are stored (PI Module DB or AF), it would be useful to have a remote client tool allowing administrator users to configure interfaces  like they do with tags and AF objects. Today when you have to change configuration you need to connect remotely to the interface node and that often requires a demand for permissions through firewalls (or a travel in the worst case), determining a delay of days.
    I imagine a client tool connected to the PI server only, and a future release of the PI Interface (i.e. PI OPC) detecting configuration changes while communicating with the server. I suppose an additional Windows service managing the Interface services (i.e. instances of PI OPC) would be required and able, like a PI ICU, to change interface parameters and restart interface instances. Anyway it is not my intention to go deeply on the technical solution.