Automate disable analyses with excluded attributes

Idea created by JPBarnard on Oct 26, 2017


    Currently, the AF Analytics engine will fail an analysis that attempts to run with either input or output attributes that happen to be excluded on an element. It would be fantastic if AF Analytics automatically disables analyses that have excluded attributes as input and/or output parameters. In fact, the analysis should be unavailable, or pop a message to the effect when a user attempts to enable the analysis while some input/output attributes are excluded.  Any bulk selection of analyses that are enabled via the Analysis Manager should skip these analyses by default, perhaps with a summary message to the effect.



    One of the best practices with AF solution design is to manipulate the Exclude property on an Attribute template and instance, for the sake of deployment flexibility and to avoid complicated template specialisation. In fact, in some cases, due to the lack of multiple inheritance, one cannot do otherwise but use the Exclude feature. However, when an analysis uses such an attribute, one must carefully select which analyses to enable. This can be a cumbersome job of hit and miss, wading through failed analyses. And the entire effort can be undone when someone later bulk select and enable analyses via the Analysis Manager.