PI Manual Logger WEB 2017 Barcode input during tour run

Idea created by l5pk75 on Nov 7, 2017

    Originally posted on UserVoice
    When running a web tour in PIML Web 2017, there needs to be an ability to lock keyboard input for values that are expecting a scanned input from a Barcode, QR code and RFID tag.  We realize that the scanned code is coming from the keyboard attached or on screen; so another way is to block any keyboard entry that has a string less than or equaled to three characters.  Thereby, forcing the acceptable keyboard string to be greater than three characters.

    This allows the manager of the web tour to determine if a tag was visited legitimately or not.  With that feature we can couple it with the limit function and require comments when the tag was left blank or doesn’t equal the expected value.