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PI Interface for GE HABConnect support of SCTIME request

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Originally posted on UserVoice
Currently, the PI Interface for GE HABConnect supports FLDTIME requests, which provides the timestamp of the field device.  In the absence of this, the default is the timestamp of the Sampler when HAB API makes an unsolicited update to the interface. 

If SCTIME was a request that was supported, the timestamp that the sampler received data from the field device could be returned instead.  This would be helpful for two reasons. 

1.  As an alternative to FLDTIME: SCTIME would standardize the timestamps coming in when field devices are not on synced time clocks

2.  As an alternative to the update time: SCTIME would allow for more precise timestamps rather than the time of the unsolicited update.  For example, if the updates are only coming in once a minute, the timestamp will come in at the top of the minute, which can be up to 59 seconds off.