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Provide a mechanism in AF for moving a UOM from one class to another.

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Originally posted on UserVoice
With multi-user AF Servers, it is not unusual for a UOM to end up in the wrong class.  Currently, fixing this issue is not trivial.  If you try to delete the UOM from its current class so it can be recreated in the correct class, you get the following error:
"Cannot remove UOM '<UOM to delete>' because it is referenced by one or more Element objects.  The first one is named '<element name>'."
This element could be one of many that use the UOM and could exist in any database on the server.  So the only option is to somehow do a server-wide search to find all instances of elements using the UOM and remove the UOM reference.  Then delete and recreate the UOM in the correct class before returning to all of the elements that previously used it and adding it back.
It would be better to have a right-click option like "Move UOM" available that switches the UOM to the new class and handles all of the re-mapping on the backend automatically.