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Use PI SQL Client OLEDB for PI Builder data imports

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Originally posted on UserVoice

PI Builder has a few problems:
• It is specific to Excel.
• It does not store data in tables.
• Imported data is static and can become outdated easily, which can lead to frequent imports, the need to publish PI Builder edits soon after import, and the reluctance to save the results of a PI Builder import.

These problems would be solved if PI SQL Client OLEDB could query the same data as PI Builder and if PI Builder used PI SQL Client OLEDB for data imports.

This way, imported data would be stored in a query table. Query tables have all of the benefits of regular tables (data isolation, readable formulas, banded rows, etc.) and are also refreshable.

Rather than just being an edit publisher, PI Builder would also act as a query generator, which is easier than trying to modify the sample queries in PI SQL Commander Lite.

Lastly, by moving PI Builder's query functionality to PI SQL Client OLEDB, we reduce the amount of functionality that is specific to PI Builder. This should make it easier to make versions of PI Builder for other spreadsheet programs, such as LibreOffice Calc.