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Clarify the cancellability of changes that are made through the PI AF Server Properties window in PI System Explorer

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Originally posted on UserVoice
In PI System Explorer → File → Server Properties, the OK and Cancel buttons only differ in function for the Description, Host, Account, Port, and Timeout text boxes in the General tab. Every other change that is made through this window is saved immediately, so OK and Cancel have no effect and only serve to close the window.

Please make it more obvious which changes are cancellable and which are not.

Since OK and Cancel do the same thing on every tab except for General, they should be replaced with a single Close button. The Name text box should be directly editable, and the Rename button should be removed. An Apply Changes button should be put horizontally centered below the Account text box but above the ID text box. There should be more space between Apply Changes and ID than between Apply Changes and Account. This should make it clear that Apply Changes applies to all of the text boxes above it and nothing else.