OPC Alarms&Events interface should natively support event frame creation

Idea created by Luke Yarnall Employee on Mar 22, 2018

    Originally posted on UserVoice
    As a PI Interface for OPC Alarms & Events user that would like to leverage AF Event Frames for more advanced analysis, I would like for the OPC AE interface to have an option to natively create event frames that open when a Status = Active message is received and close when the corresponding Status = Inactive message is received. This could be similar to the existing Batch Framework Interfaces.

    Currently it is very difficult to use the Analysis Service to correctly open/close event frames because the OPC AE interface writes different alarms to the same tags and multiple alarms can be open at the same time for the same tags. This means that it is not trivial to program Analysis Service to close the correct open event frame when a Status = Inactive message is received.