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Add an option to mark the PI Point Data Reference to not be updated when a Create or Update data Reference is issued

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Originally posted on UserVoice
Currently when a PI Point Data Reference receives a call telling to Create or Update the Data Reference, it will resolve the String builder and then lock that Data Reference so that if someone changes the template, that change will not be replicated to the tags already created and a "Reset to template" is required for it to get the new tag naming.

I understand that this is a way to speed up the system but that brings two issues:
1) On some cases if you created a tag and it already have value you don't want to rename the data reference as you would lose the link to the tag. (AF could also find the change and rename the tag accordingly)
2) We lose the capability of dynamically changing the tag names based on AF Attributes. For example, in our case we have two tags:

And we have an attribute that will tell which program we are associated with (Program A or B). So, if we do not use the Create and Update Data reference, when we change from Program A to Program B, the attribute would point to the correct tag. But after we use the Create and Update Data Reference, the tag name would be locked and in order for it to change we need to issue a Reset to Template.

I understand that a solution for our problem would be just not use the Create or Update Data Reference on the asset level and only use it in the points that require it, but there's no way (that I know) to enforce that.

So, ideally, we would want to mark those attributes to never be "locked" by the create and update data reference.