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Clean up the Symbol Library to make it easier to find items

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Originally posted on UserVoice

The current symbol library of canned symbols is a little inconsistent, dated and would benefit from a clean up.

For example, in Military you have a Fuel Truck, in Mining you have a number of Haulage trucks, but neither of these appear in Vehicles, if you are looking for a vehicle. I would expect to see all the vehicle symbols under Vehicles, as well i sin the industry segments.

In Operator Interface you have Panels, but they do not appear in Panels.

The symbol list should be clear what is by industry segment, and then what are generics. Under the generics, such as  "Vehicles" all the vehicles should appear, including those that are in specific industry segments.

All the Heat Exchanger symbols are in Process Heating, even if you want a Heat Exchanger for Process Cooling. It would be better to either combine these, or have a Heat Exchanger list ...

i.e. Duplicate all the vehicles in the "Vehicle" list, all the panels in the panel list, and rationalise some of lists.

Use the user community to update and refresh the list of symbols, as many are outdated, and / or have backgrounds. Allowing users to contribute updated symbols in a standard copyright free format with no  background colour would quickly improve the available symbols. Maybe reduce the category count, and accept they will include more examples.

As an example, here is a Firewall Symbol for the Networking list to replace the current blue one.