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Event Frames Scalability - For Customer Advisory Lab Scenarios

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Originally posted on UserVoice
#of assets (in this specific scenario): 500-1000
EF Count: Generation rate of 25,000/day peak, would like to historize for 1+y = 9,000,000 events+
Attributes: 5-10 attributes/event (static or PI Point)
Flat Hierarchy
Queries: EF are alarms or 'flags'. Would like to create an alarm report using PI Vision EF Table for Fleet, and drill down to Asset. Would also like to add filters for severity, categories, asset, template, alarm code, parent element, etc.
This page needs to be really responsive, for recent alarms only (~1-7 days?
Longer term, may want to do deeper analysis on broader data set, using BI-like apps, or send there events to a data lake.