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Restrict the event frame templates that can be selected when creating an event frame generation analysis

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Originally posted on UserVoice
Currently, users can select any of the event frame templates available on an AF database as the template for event-frames generated by an analysis/analysis template. There is no real way of restricting  which templates can be used, since EF Templates are always readable regardless of permissions, and the actual event frames are generated by the analysis service.

This is problematic as users could mistakenly (or unwittingly) select an EF template that is used for other purposes and affect the business logic of other applications. For example, an application relying on certain event frames to track production results can have its results distorted by users creating analyses/notification rules.

There should be a way to restrict certain EF Templates from being selected by certain users in EF Generation Analyses. If this cannot be on a per-user basis, there should at least be a way to restrict EF Templates from being used in analyses altogether