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Geographic Coordinates conversion

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Originally posted on UserVoice
Currently in AF, if you mark an attribute as a latitude or longitude, by default it will be expressed in degrees (plane angle)

Have you heard of plans to get this value directly from a Degree, Minutes, Seconds format (e.g from 116°14'28.86"W to 116.24138889)? Right now the only way I can think of is to create an analysis that will split the Degree Minute Seconds value and calculate the decimal part from minutes and seconds.

there are 4 common ways to write coordinates:
  43 38 19.39

My customer uses a fifth one:

I would like to be able to either use a UOM or alternatively a pre-baked Analytic function to convert to decimal in order to publish to the PI Integrator for Esri. Alternatively, if we the PI Integrator for ESRI can accept coordinates of other format, that would be fine too.