Round Behavior of "Evaluate" Button in PSE

Idea created by adoyle Employee on May 30, 2018

    Originally posted on UserVoice
    Allow users to customize rounding behavior when previewing results from AF Analyses or clicking the "Evaluate" button in PSE.

    A user was recently seeing inadvertent rounding behavior because some of their value types were set to Single or Int16.  However, this issue was not immediately diagnosed because clicking the "Evaluate" button would round their results to the nearest integer regardless of data type, making real-time troubleshooting much harder.

    If instead the user was allowed to specify the number of digits of precision (or rounding behavior) they wanted to use when clicking "Evaluate" they would have known that there was another underlying issue (like value type).

    At any rate differences between behavior of the "Evaluate" button and AF analyses are often cause trouble because many customers are unaware that these are handled differently.  Customers expect the results they see from "Evaluate" or previewed results to match the values that will be archived.